Meet Dr. Kim

My own big “adventure” began in the year 2000, when I realized that the life I’d worked SO hard to achieve was filled with material things — and absolutely no substance.

I was a successful physician in a small Midwestern town, with all the trappings of happiness, but inside I was miserable…

Oh yes, there were a few things I was happy about – my wonderful children, the service I was providing in the community, and making a difference in patients’ lives. But somehow, I still felt completely empty.

My marriage of 20 years was falling apart. My life felt like a blur from dusk to dawn. My finances were a nightmare despite earning a good living. My enthusiasm for life was gone.

Something was missing. Something BIG.

When I felt I had reached rock bottom, I made a deal with the universe to turn it all around. And I started taking action…

I had always loved Hawaii, so I planned my get away.

I got a job over the phone with the department of defense (a gift from God), put my house on the market and shared with the children that we were going on an adventure. And yes, filed for divorce.

But in spite of my resolve and optimism for the future, in reality, things got a lot worse before they got better.

The financial strain of the divorce precipitated foreclosure on my home. Then the vulnerability and uncertainty of my life made me easy prey for a financial advisor who embezzled my entire retirement account.

I spiraled and this soon catapulted me into chapter 11 bankruptcy. The embarrassment, humiliation and depression took its toll.

Paradise had eluded me.

The climb back up the hill was slow and at times exhausting. But with some key tools I finally began to make real progress!

Our Mantra

“Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still, or rough and rigid, but in the end, it is always beautiful.”

-Author Unknown