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Core Wellness Healing

Healing the Mind, the Body, Emotions and Spirit.

Core Wellness Healing utilizes unique healing modalities that work synergistically to help heal the mind, the body, emotions and spirit.

Our programs are based on the five pillars(nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, massage and yoga) outlined in the bestselling book, “The Road to Mana, Finding Healing, Happiness and Power on the Road to Life.”

Rediscover, relax, rewind and learn how to enjoy life again.

Revitalize and restore inner peace and harmony while embracing Hawaii and her natural healing traditions

Create balance and manage stress by restoring mana (life force).
Keep life simple on your journey

Immerse in interactive games that harmonize the mind, body and spirit connection. Discover who you really are. Be aware and be ready. The best is yet to come!


E Komo Mai
Kimberly Kelley MD


Corporate Wellness & Team Building

Organization support to enhance your bottom line. Working in wellness leads to happier, cohesive individuals and better group dynamics.

Military and Veteran Programs

We have developed an amazing program to help our veterans.

Our core team all are military, former military or have had an affiliation with military service. Serving our sailors, soldiers and airman is an honor and privilege. This program is designed to help rest and replenish service members using mindfulness, acupuncture and restorative therapies.


Acupuncture improves the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on an ancient philosophy that describes the universe, and the body, in terms of two opposing forces: yin and yang. When these forces are in balance, the body is healthy.


Reflexology utilizes the natural meridians in the body to stimulate well-being and balance.
It is a pressure-based massage treatment that works directly on the feet and occasionally the hands. These sessions promote relaxation, relieve stress and ease various forms of discomfort including insomnia, and soreness.


Our techniques will help you bring your mind and body into harmony through awareness, focus and strength.


Bring the present moment into focus instead of worrying about the past. Clients learn to savor and appreciate the here and now.


Meditation allows space for reflection, self-awareness and encourages inner peace.

Expressive Art Therapies

Through expressive art therapies such as Mask Making, Sandplay, Psychodrama and Sociometry, clients are able to create what words sometimes cannot express, allowing them to make visible the invisible and conscious the unconscious.


Staying active is the key to longevity and good health. Our learning center is sponsored by Mother Nature and includes walks, hiking, excursions to the mountains and to the ocean. Canoeing and horse back riding are available at select retreats.


Nutrition and diet enhance your overall health by affecting mood, depression, and anxiety. Whole foods, plant based nutrition with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein help achieve higher energy levels and sharper mental focus.