It’s Ladies Night

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT It’s Ladies Night! Core Wellness Healing Launches New Spa Night on August 8th, at Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina Event to provide holistic experience to wellness, health and healing (Honolulu)-- Ladies, this is your night.  Join Core Wellness Healing founder Dr. Kimberly Kelley, MD, MBA and the rest of [...]

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Be Cool with Hibiscus Tea

I walked slowly from an early morning workout and lifted my head to the sight of a delicate yellow hibiscus flower greeting me on my path. I stopped to enjoy and breathe in her beauty and remembered her story. I recalled a recent trip to Egypt and being greeted by the hotel staff with [...]

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Its Time For Duck Trust

Trust Takes Years to Build, Seconds to Break, and Forever to Repair~Anonymous. This morning’s walk offered yet another life lesson. As I looked to the sky to admire the colorful morning rise, I noticed a grounds keeper on his cart with a large duck wrapped under his arm. I wondered if the duck was dead, [...]

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